Caesar Pleaser!

Caesar Salad is one of those staple items that everyone seems to appreciate! The tangy and salty dressing carries a little extra umami in the mix with a little bit of those oily and delicious anchovies! Not only do they add flavor, but they are part of what makes the texture of this sauce so creamy and interesting!!!

Give this one a try today!!

- Hempcook Aaron

A Curry Noodle Soup to flip your lid!

LISTEN. Before you read further, this recipe could be one of the most addicting things you have ever tried. The bright citrus and the rich and fatty coconut milk soup base carry the curry flavor in an astounding way! 

Seriously, be careful, you may never want to eat another thing. Ever.

Also, it's got a little weed in it, which will ensure that you'll be interested in seconds... 

- Hempcook Aaron

Bloody Mary(juana)

Personally, I adore tomato juice all by itself (I'm pretty sure there is a post in here singing my praises to tomatoes!) but, sometimes we want just a little more somethin'-somethin'! As someone that doesn't drink alcohol, but does love a good brunch, you will often find me ordering a virgin Bloody Mary with my Chicken and Waffles or Eggs Benedict. After a long weekend though, pairing my Sunday Brunch with a little bit of our favorite flower is always a pleasant addition to the meal (and would probably cure the hangover that inspires most people's Sunday brunch experience!) 

Whether its a way to start a lazy day or a solid night cap, you've gotta try this delicious and deeply flavored cannacocktail!

- Hempcook Aaron

Planet Rain: Soup Season

I'm in the process of purchasing my first home (thanks marijuana) and as fate would have it, I have found myself back "home" during the waiting game that is escrow/bank magic. The silver lining to the waiting game has been Mom's Cookin'! As if I were in school again, I come home to hearty meals that generally take little effort and even less time but somehow always put a smile on my face. 

A single mom, with two kids (sometimes more) mastered a break neck speed cooking style. Dinner was always a feast and this working woman managed to make dinners, our time to share the day and sustenance with one another, like certain classic sitcom moms! As we poured over a soup she made this weekend, we chatted about how to dress up a simple soup and really put a top hat and a bow tie on it!

Mom, this one is for you!

- Hempcook Aaron

Fancy Pants Chicken and Waffles...

Ok, they're not really waffles but all those killer flavors from a southern favorite are wrapped in a French Quarter, New Orleans classic! The Beignet (Ben-Yay) is a popular dessert, primarily in french restaurants world wide! As they are pretty much just fried dough filled with lovely jams, custards, and other sweets and tossed into powdered sugar and served with all sorts of sweet and decadent sauces!

In this recipe, we decided to bring some more fun and trendy flavors to the table by incorporating the, sweet and savory combination of savory fried chicken, sweet maple syrup and a bright spicy quality of your favorite hot sauce! 

Dive in!

- Hemp Cook Aaron

The Rain has Begun. Mushrooms are Coming!

 Taking the time to char the exterior leaves of the brussels sprouts adds wonderful color as well as enriching the flavor with sweetness from the caramelized sugar naturally found in this veggie!

Taking the time to char the exterior leaves of the brussels sprouts adds wonderful color as well as enriching the flavor with sweetness from the caramelized sugar naturally found in this veggie!

Make sure you tell your guests that this is infused before diving right into it. The simple delight of honest ingredients served on a humble pasta is not only elegant and light but delicious enough that you might consider making an infused and a non-infused version, just so you have seconds when those mary jane induced munchies set in! 

Hope you enjoy!
- Hemp Cook Aaron

Once baked, twice baked, thrice baked, always baked.

Normally I write about how much I love some food or ingredient. 

Not on this one.

It rains here in Washington, especially this close to the coast that I call home. I adore the rain, the smell, the sound, all of it. Once in a while though, I need that hearty, warm and filling comfort food to really bring out the best in these grey skies! That's what this is about, have a few of these, wait about and hour and enjoy the first rain of the season with me!

- Hempcook Aaron

Morel Mushrooms and Watercress with Brown Butter

If you've never been lucky enough to enjoy browned butter, you are in for a treat! This stuff is almost worth drinking shots of. We all love butter, but unless you've browned up some of those milk proteins inside it you have no clue what you're missing! 

The inherently sweet and always appreciated butter, is heated until some of the goodies that make up this wild emulsification begin to caramelize and brown, which brings a little more sugar to the mix while adding a delightful nutty quality right to the front! Paired with the meaty and earthy elements that make up the morel mushroom and the spicy herbal qualities of watercress (or arugula if you prefer) make up one of the most interesting flavor experiences we've had the chance to try!

- Hempcook Aaron

Butter Lettuce, Radish Pickles and Coconut Salad!

Once in my life, I had the opportunity to make an insanely tasty butter lettuce and coconut milk salad! The recipe we used back then was focused on bright and light flavors, while in this particular recipe we were looking to get a little heavier with a thicker dressing and more weighty spices that not only mellow out the bigger terpenes in the cannabis flowers but also highlight that residual pot smell that we've become accustomed to. Toasted spices and seeds compliment the earthy qualities of decarbed cannabis flowers and the acidic pop from the pickles and citrus in the dressing play well with the complex and bitter elements from those flowers! 

All in all, we couldn't be more proud of this one! When you give this one a try, make sure to let us know how it went!

Thank you tons!

Hempcook Aaron

Hand Pies: Savory Pumpkin

 Forget the whipped cream... you're not gonna want it here!

Forget the whipped cream... you're not gonna want it here!

Hand Pies are a delightful and popular lunch or snack all over the globe! Almost every culture wraps up delicious and aromatic mixtures into a dough of some sort and fries, bakes or even steams these up! Some are sweet and bready, others are light and flaky! 

Regardless, they are one of the most universal treats! Give this easy snack a try, and get your head right!

Hollandaise: Molecular Gastronomy / BETH has VD

Hollandaise: A creamy and bright sauce normally served with the delightful Eggs Benedict or on asparagus. I could eat my own fists if they were covered in the stuff, and adding a little ganja to the mix just prolongs the pleasure set in by rich pairing of sweet butter and the wonderful acidic bite of lemon juice! Learn how to poach eggs a few eggs and start your day off right, especially if you're rocking out a breakfast for an evening guest that you might want to stick around for another dinner!

Portland, Oregon.
Autumn 2006
First term of culinary school, 19 years old. My instructor began with the basics, knife skills, basic technique and of course the Mother Sauces. Over the course of the next few months, my peers and I took turns messing up plenty of good foods in the name of higher learning. Burned, over salted, under seasoned, and poorly executed dishes were common. Almost every plate looked like it was crafted by the finest preteen "chef" trying to impress his first girlfriend. (Yeah... I was that preteen "chef." At one point, I managed to burn the outside of a chicken breast, while the center was raw and the whole thing tasted like hot dogs. It's a secret recipe... Don't ask.) Anyway, we had potential but those rough edges were really rough. 

Now right about this time the term "Molecular Gastronomy" was coined. Molecular Gastronomy (or as I love to call it, tech food) has a special emphasis on textures and the vehicle chefs use to achieve such things as melon caviar, peanut butter powder and carrot foams are chemicals like Sodium Alginate, Versawhip, Maltodextrin and a variety of chloride salts. While I was interested in learning how to cook, I was far more excited about playing the roll of a mad scientist... After getting into some restaurants I had to revisit some of the basics.

Not Hollandaise though. 

The fantastic texture of this decadent sauce is the direct result of suspending oil and water in the same mixture. Most of us are aware that those two things don't really work too well with one another, so we have to use a special chemical to bind the two. In this case, the chemical is lecithin and is found naturally in egg yolks and to smaller degrees in mustard. The molecule sort of looks like a balloon on a string, the balloon itself containing a positive charge while the string is neutral. Water sticks to the balloon while the oil sticks to the tail. If we incorporate those three in a gentle way, our wizard powers will lead us into the world of emulsification. 

TL;DR: Hollandaise is against nature and probably should be feared.

With my interest in all things geek food, and unlike most basic technique I nailed it and my confidence was soaring next to the few bowls puddled with a soupy and thin broken mixture wishing to eventually become the great Hollandaise. I felt like I achieved rank in some secret society that exact moment. Which was a nice offset because the red wine, cinnamon and mushroom dish I made the week before was pretty freaking terrible. 

Who is Beth and why would we at the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery insult her publicly?

Traditional French Cookery revolves around fairly simple concepts and are built upon based upon their best application. In this case, those concepts are the "mother sauces." Bechamel, Espagnole, Tomato, Hollandaise, Veloute and Demi Glace. Take those initials and as it happens, BETHVD is spelled.

Hope you learned a ton and have a blast whipping up this stellar sauce! 

- Hempcook Aaron


Did a stoner come up with this?

During culinary school, I remember seeing a recipe for a jelly omelette. Ugh, what a turn off.... But then the gears started turning fruit custards and crepes then came to mind.  Images of french toast with fruit jam next to bacon danced around next to the resin caked mental membranes bouncing around my skull. So, as a stoner, I wanted to make this thing delicious and super easy to make.

So I did! Use a little of our One Gram Fig Jam recipe to bring the sweetness and the head change to this sandwich!

- Hemp Cook Aaron

"I like my sugar with coffee and cream."

Coffee. The Pacific Northwest is known, not only for our buds, but our beans as well. Of course, these two plants are not really from around here but we've figured out how to treat them both proper. As the rain around us pours, we have found new ways to pour over our passions. We've taken caffeine and cannabis to new heights and are happy to do so every single day.

- Hemp Cook Aaron

Get Baked!

The Hashslinger Hemp Cookery wants to introduce you to our new friend! CakeCakes, an award winning, chic and modern bakery just a few blocks from our location in Aberdeen, Washington! Chef and Owner Brittany Figg-Case and The Hemp Cook Aaron went to high school in the small coastal town of Ocean Shores, Wa with one another and naturally shared social circles but little did they know that ten years later they would, not only, be working so close to one another but in working environments that compliment each other so well. 

One of the local community leaders recently approached the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery and asked for a special treat that I (Aaron) had no idea how to approach... Cooks are simply not bakers, at least where I come from. So, we took the next steps and got in touch with the perfect fit for the gig! Today we cannot tell you how excited this kitchen is to introduce you to Hashlinger Rise:our very own bakeshop for you to try at home! While we travel through this journey we'll be featuring not only her stellar goods, but we'll be working to focus on cannabis infused, gluten free and vegan snacks that are simple to make and exciting to bring to any get together (or eat alone!)

Stay tuned for more munchies that give the munchies!

- Hemp Cook Aaron