Thai Style Wing Glaze

Are you having trouble finding a great chicken wing recipe? Try this.

Get some wings, drum sticks, or whatever. Boneless or bone in, skinless or skin on, it really doesn't matter! In a small bowl, mix three even parts sugar, soy sauce and water. Marinate chicken for about an hour. Normally while the chicken in marinating we'll prepare the glaze recipe. Once the time has passed, pull out chicken and let dry. In a dry bowl, mix one part brown rice flower or potato starch and one part corn starch. Fry until cooked through!

Vegan? No problem! Freeze some extra firm tofu. I like to cut mine into about 1" chunks, it freezes and thaws quicker. Freezing and thawing destroys some of the cellular integrity and will release more water, this will provide for a more firm texture, I'd liken it to a chicken nugget. Once the tofu has thawed squeeze excess water out, dry with a clean paper towel and toss in a bowl of corn starch. Fry at 350 or in a pan at medium/high heat until golden brown and crispy!

- Hemp Cook Aaron

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