Polenta: Crispy Corn Cakes.

Kentucky has never been considered a culinary destination, but with it’s historic ties to american grown tobacco and a ubiquitous style of bourbon we knew that the south had a little more to offer. Hemp Cook Aaron’s ties to Kentucky inspired this recipe that highlights a state that his family has called home and even grew tobacco for generations.

Growing up in the midwest with southern family is a unique treat, Aaron grew up eating all of those classic southern classics in his own home all through childhood. The kitchen was our family hub and over steaming pots of beans and jars of sun tea, we engaged in family. Catfish, Hushpuppies, Okra, Corn Meal Mush, Greens and fresh tomatoes naturally graced our tables.

When I first encountered “polenta” I was a little intimidated. It seemed so familiar, but somehow this altered preparation of what I knew as a sweet breakfast food, similar to cream-of-wheat, blew my mind. As I took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised by the crispy and sweet fried edges and the creamy texture hidden right below the golden surface of the bite. Sweet and salty, this polenta can be dipped in a number of sauces or paired with fried fish and roasted vegetables! 

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