Shrimp and Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes!

People often say that growing cannabis is exactly like growing tomatoes. Having a little experience with both, we'd have to agree. They have the same natural season and require almost the exact same nutrition. The flowering buds on the cannabis plant tend to ripen naturally in tandem with the ripening tomatoes on the vine! Pistils transitioning to warm red hues will correlate with the color change in those sweet, red, delights.

You'll probably see a ton of tomato-centric recipes popping out of the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery all summer long, Hemp Cook Aaron loves these things. Every year in his own garden, Aaron plants a few varieties of these sweet and grassy bulbous veggies, normally to be eaten simply with salt. 

When serving this recipe, we suggest offering a steak knife and a fork; when your guest cuts open this treat, all the goodness contained inside will fill their plate and top the arugula salad below! Have fun!

- Hemp Cook Aaron

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