Chicken Adobo


The Philippines brutal history with Spanish invasion and colonization and their unique geography has played a huge role that influences their cuisine in the most fantastic and unusual ways. The island country in South East Asia was invaded by Spain in the early 1500's and remained under authority of the crown for 300 years and after a series of revolutions and US intervention, the Republic of the Philippines eventually declared independence on July 4, 1946. 

After three hundred years of Spanish Occupation the Philippines reflects a vastly different culture than one would expect so close to nations like Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Japan. Here, the food shows more resemblance to Spanish and Mexican dishes that you may be familiar with than the images we normally conjure when thinking about Asian Cuisine. Of course, the flora and fauna has much more in common with South East Asia so the flavor profiles are incredibly unique, which for one of the only Roman Catholic nations in Asia, is true definition.

Hemp Cook Aaron has a personal tie to this island country, he is marrying the daughter of an incredible cook who's life began in this fantastic land. Never having exposure to such an interesting cuisine over the course of years making his living devouring plates in "study," his tastebuds and olfactory came to life after pouring over humble dishes, stews and noodles ubiquitously over rice. Everything looked vaguely familiar but seemed distant, like food in a dream. He never seemed to wake up, and his life is filled with spectacular snacks from a culture bred in chaos.

This recipe was inspired by his future mother-in-law and is meant to be an act of gratitude for changing my life in such unforeseeable ways and for making the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on.

- The Hashslinger Hemp Cookery

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