Oysters for people that don't like oysters.

"Never eat a cooked oyster. Never eat a raw clam." - A wise man's dad.

Shellfish like oysters, clams, mussels, mollusks, urchin are either mentioned with vile repugnance and confusion or are unabashedly loved, adored, and welcomed to the table. Very few of us have mild emotions tied to the bite sized snacks cruising the ocean encased in a single serving container. They're packaged by nature and normally ready to eat, with very little work needed to be done. 

When it comes to me, you better believe that most of the times I make way to a coastal town like Ocean Shores or Westport I stop at one of the seafood spots to get shooters, at the very least! I love these things and my heart flutters when I get the chance to slurp down a handful of the sweet, briny treats that are normally harvested right from the ocean, that day! 

Not everyone is like me though and sometimes one must cook the oyster for guests. Against the advice of a wise car salesman/drummer and my gut instinct, I will try to dress the delicious snack in a way that helps ease my less daring friends into one blissful engagement with one of the sea's many surprises!  

Give this one a try, even if you don't do seafood.... It's covered in bacon, you can't really go wrong.

- Hempcook Aaron

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