Get Baked!

The Hashslinger Hemp Cookery wants to introduce you to our new friend! CakeCakes, an award winning, chic and modern bakery just a few blocks from our location in Aberdeen, Washington! Chef and Owner Brittany Figg-Case and The Hemp Cook Aaron went to high school in the small coastal town of Ocean Shores, Wa with one another and naturally shared social circles but little did they know that ten years later they would, not only, be working so close to one another but in working environments that compliment each other so well. 

One of the local community leaders recently approached the Hashslinger Hemp Cookery and asked for a special treat that I (Aaron) had no idea how to approach... Cooks are simply not bakers, at least where I come from. So, we took the next steps and got in touch with the perfect fit for the gig! Today we cannot tell you how excited this kitchen is to introduce you to Hashlinger Rise:our very own bakeshop for you to try at home! While we travel through this journey we'll be featuring not only her stellar goods, but we'll be working to focus on cannabis infused, gluten free and vegan snacks that are simple to make and exciting to bring to any get together (or eat alone!)

Stay tuned for more munchies that give the munchies!

- Hemp Cook Aaron

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